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Vancouver Dental Emergencies, Dental Pain, Broken or Dislodged Tooth

Are you experiencing extreme dental pain, knocked out a tooth or other Dental Emergencies?

One of our more common daily requests from new and existing patients is for emergency dental care. Dental pain can be intense, whether you have a cavity, infection, cracked tooth, swelling from wisdom teeth, or a dental accident of some sort. If you are in Vancouver and in need of emergency care, please contact us now at 604.222.8430 we will accommodate you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can send us an appointment request now by clicking on the form button below.

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    Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

    Dental Emergency Vancouver - Root Canal - Tooth Aches - Broken Teeth and other problems call us at 604.222.8430

    Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold can be a sign of an abscessed tooth requiring a root canal procedure and/or antibiotics. Pain in the jaw, neck or ear can be a sign that there is pulp-damaged teeth.

    If you are having sensitivity with consumption of hot or cold liquids, this may not be an indicator of a problem. Teeth sensitivity can develop over time due to issues such as vigorous brushing, or receding gums. Try brushing with Sensodyne first and see if the sensitivity improves. If the twinge is more intense with chewing, you may have a cavity, cracked tooth or loose filling. If you have an extreme reaction to hot or cold, it may be an infected tooth requiring a root canal or antibiotics (Learn more about abscessed tooth symptoms and the root canal procedure here).

    Pain in the Jaw, Neck or Ear

    Pain in the jaw, neck or ear can be a sign that there is pulp-damaged teeth. This is also the sign of bruxism (nightly teeth grinding and/or clenching), impacted wisdom teeth, or other medical problems such as Temporomandibular joint disorder. We recommend coming in for an exam and consultation as soon as possible so we can put you at ease and alleviate pain.

    Emergency Dental Care for a Dislodged Tooth

    If you have experienced blunt trauma to the mouth and have knocked a tooth out of place, we may be able to save it. If the tooth is not fully dislocated, push the tooth back into place. Find a towel and apply pressure to keep the tooth steady in the socket. If your tooth is knocked out completely, recover the tooth quickly and hold it by the crown, not the root. Keep the tooth from drying out by putting it in a your mouth between your gum and cheek or in a container with cold milk. Call us immediately for help if you are in the Vancouver neighbourhoods of UBC, Point Grey, Kitsilano, or Dunbar. If your accident take place after hours, head to the nearest hospital ER (check out ER wait times here).

    Tips for Pain Relief

    In situations where there is excessive swelling we recommend that patients rinsing the area of the mouth that is troubled with baking soda and warm salt water. Tylenol or Advil help with pain management. Applying a cold pack to the troubled area can reduce swelling and aid temporary pain management.

    If you are having a dental emergency in Vancouver, contact us immediately for help and advice on care. We will do our very best to care for you as soon as possible.