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Vancouver Dentist Reviews - Our Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Please find below a selection of patient testimonials, comments and reviews for our Vancouver dentists. Thank you for your feedback and your positive reviews. We encourage our patients to give us constructive feedback, positive or negative, so we can improve how we operate and provide world class dental care. Please email us at or leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.

My husband and I have been long time patients of Dr. Sandeep Sidhu and Alma Dental Centre. Their whole team have been just awesome to deal with, from the usual check-ups to more involved procedures. Dr. Sidhu never pressures you into doing procedures that you don’t need and he doesn’t give you a hard time if you have a less then stellar check-up too. Also, I’ve never felt like a random number at Alma Dental. Dr. Sidhu actually remembers our various conversations and takes time to get to know you. I highly recommend Dr. Sidhu if you are looking for a highly skilled and trust worthy dentist on the westside of Vancouver.
Jackie R

Everyone in the office is very friendly, the appointments always start on time, and they have very convenient hours. The hygienist is just lovely and the dentist who sees both my partner and I is a good man, and thorough.If you are searching for a great dentist in Vancouver, go here.
Kate L

Dentists get a bad wrap. Why?
Because we are scared of them as kids, and it just sticks. Kinda like Polident.
Well, have no fear, cause Alma Dental is here. For your most important part of your body. Well… one of them at least.
One of the hygienists hums a lovely little ditty throughout most of the cleaning and I gotta admit. It’s kind of relaxing.
They are under the UBC extended health plan here, so it is quite cheap to keep your smile looking like a million bucks if you are a student. I paid around $25 last visit. I gotta say that for the dreaded dentist visit, this place is nearly as good as it gets. Perhaps if they offered laughing gas in the waiting room I would give em 5 happy/dizzy stars.
Peter S

I’ve lived in the US for 15 years, the land of heavy-selling dentists who over treat. So, last time I was in the States & went to the dentist, I was told I had 10 cavities. ARGH! Needless to say, I had to get a second opinion, and all of my classmates at UBC swear by Alma Dental.
Loads of students go to Alma Dental, because it accepts the UBC extended health plan, and it begins with “A,” putting it at the top of the list when searching for network coverage. BUT! People keep going back to Alma & recommending it because the dentists are awesome.
So, I was a bit afraid of going, worrying that I had 10 cavities. I had the most thorough teeth cleaning of my life by a most competent dental hygienist, had a full set of x-rays done, and then a good examination and chit chat with the dentist about my teeth.
Cavity verdict? I really have just one. Wow. Best $40 I’ve ever spent. The filling has been great with no pain or sensitivity and I definitely plan on going back next time I need a check up.
Daniella F

Alma Dental is great. From reception, to the hygienists, to the dentists, they are all spot on. When he comes in for an inspection Dr. Sidhu always sits down to talk for a minute,shakes your hand, looks you in the eye- very friendly and genuine guy.
Reception is adept at getting your insurance papers and appointments in order- they will call a day before to remind you of an appointment, all the hygienists are gentle and thorough. I recommend Alma for anyone looking for a dentist.
Stephan W