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All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

At Alma Dental Centre, the most common question we get from patients with regards to cosmetic dental procedures is Teeth Whitening. Do my teeth need whitening? How long does it take? Is it safe? Are there any negative side effects from teeth whitening? How much does it cost? So we thought we would share a few thoughts on teeth whitening for my patients as we head into the Valentine’s season.


Do my teeth need whitening?

First off, teeth do not naturally come in a movie star white. Most teeth have an off-white colouring to that of pearls or ivory, with similar imperfections. The colour of teeth naturally change with age, more noticeably as adults hit their 30s – 40s. However, irregardless of age, no one particularly likes having their teeth have a similar colouring as a row of corn. Stained teeth brought on by smoking, coffee, tea or wine can also be troubling or embarrassing for individuals.

We don’t tell our patients that they need teeth whitening, but if you feel self-conscious about the colour of your teeth (shy or nervous about smiling in public), a whitening procedure might be a wonderful option for you. We educate our patients about its positive benefits – increased confidence, self-esteem, and an improved smile.


How long does it take?

At Alma Dental we offer patients the Zoom! Teeth Whitening product. The complete teeth whitening procedure takes just over an hour. The process begins with a preparation period followed by 45 minutes of whitening. We also recommend a cleaning prior to the actual ZOOM Teeth Whitening session. We also offer custom made whitening trays that can be used at home, which are equally effective, but just take longer. The trays would be used about 30-40 minutes a day for about 2 weeks.


Is whitening your teeth safe?

Yes, extensive clinical studies conclude that this procedure is safe under the supervision of a dentist. As with any whitening product, ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is not recommended for children under 13 years of age and pregnant or lactating women.


Are there any negative side effects?

With teeth whitening some people experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold during treatment. These symptoms are temporary and patients can expect things to return to normal within 1 – 3 days of treatment.

Teeth Whitening can offer a dramatic improvement for patients who have significant tooth staining or discolouration

Teeth Whitening can offer a dramatic improvement for patients who have significant stains, or discolouration. However, some of us have shades of enamel that are resistant to whitening.


Does it work every time?

It’s important to be aware that the results, though predictable, are not guaranteed. Some of us simply have very stubborn shades of enamel that are very resistant to whitening procedures. We always demonstrate the estimated results to expect, depending on your starting off enamel shade. And we go over this with our patients BEFORE they commit to the procedure.


How much does Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure cost and are there any effective alternatives?

The average cost for the in office whitening is only $400. Results last several months on average. As an alternative, we offer existing patients a great home whitening kit at a cost of $100.

Are you interested in whitening your teeth?

Alma Dental patients who have a complete exam, xrays and cleaning, they can either receive $200 off an in-office whitening, or they can receive custom made whitening trays to use at home ($200 value) for free! If you have any questions with regards to cosmetic procedures like this one, or any other smile enhancement options, don’t be shy to give us a call or discuss with us further during your next visit.