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Sedation Dentistry

Ask about our Sedation Dentistry Options

Alma Dental Centre offers sedation dentistry which provides relaxation and comfort for patients who are more anxious about being in the dental office setting. Dr. Sidhu and his team are trained in administering either oral or IV sedation. Sedation dentistry is also a helpful option for busy patients, or those with unique issues that make traditional freezing less desirable or challenging. 

Sedation Dentistry Clinic Vancouver - Alma Dental is offer Sedation Dentistry for Kitsiano, UBC and Point Grey Residents living in Vancouver.Sedation dentistry is an excellent way to relieve anxiety, to deal with strong gag reflexes, or to permit the completion of multiple procedures during an extended visit. Sedation levels range from mild to general anesthesia: 

Minimal sedation: Depending on the dose administered, this is a relaxed state where patients are able to walk, talk and breathe normally. Patients are not asleep. 

Moderate sedation: This is a modestly deeper sedation. Patients will be able to talk and respond to questions, but will feel more drowsiness. Patients can breathe freely and will still require local anesthetic. Depending on the medications used, a patient may or may not remember the procedure. 

Deep sedation: You are asleep and can still breathe on your own but can’t remember anything about the procedure afterwards. Local anesthetic needs to be administered with deep sedation because naturally occurring pain reflexes are still intact.

General anesthesia:  The deepest level; patients are unconscious and cannot feel pain; reflexes are absent and patients need assistance in breathing. 

We use sedation for various surgical procedures such as Wisdom Teeth Removal and Dental Implants and provide instructions for eating and drinking before and after treatment. Following your appointment, patients will need to return home via public transit or with a responsible adult. To ensure of complete safety, you will be monitored throughout the entire procedure by our team. In two to six hours you will feel normal and relaxed, with a fantastic smile! 

Contact Us for more information on Sedation Dentistry at Alma Dental Centre. Patients can also visit BC Dental Association to find Sedation Dentistry FAQs.