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Wisdom Teeth Removal Vancouver

Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Vancouver - Image of teeth x-ray with lighting effects. Wisdom teeth removal Kitsilano

Wisdom Teeth Removal Vancouver – Is this you right now – nagging impacted wisdom tooth pain? This surgery is routine and can be done before you know it.

Since our Vancouver clinic is in close proximity to UBC, the wisdom teeth removal procedure has become a common part of our dental practice at Alma Dental Centre.

There are four wisdom teeth found in the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. These teeth usually make themselves known between the ages of 17 – 25, causing a lot of discomfort due to lack of room in the jaw or angle of entry. Call us at 604.222.8430 for an appointment and we will examine whether your wisdom teeth are causing the problem.

Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed, but the risks of leaving them unchecked can be problematic (Read one of our more recent blog articles: Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?4 reasons why not to delay wisdom teeth removal). If you are experiencing significant jaw pain, we can help.

wisdom teeth removal vancouver - classic youtube video - Wisdom teeth removal kitsilano

Julie is shocked to hear her wisdom teeth surgery is all done. A classic Youtube video for all that takes the scariness away.

The most common type of impacted wisdom tooth is angled sideways or forward toward the front of your mouth. We usually recommend that impacted teeth be removed because they can cause a host of problems including gum tenderness, swelling, or even severe pain. Impacted wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted are tough to clean and are prone to tooth decay, recurring infections, and gum disease.

Since every patient has unique needs, we use x-rays to carefully assess the problem and plan for extraction if necessary. As a rule of thumb, wisdom teeth are easier to remove at a younger age because there is a greater chance that the teeth’s roots have not fully formed and the bone surrounding the teeth are less dense.

Your Wisdom Teeth Removal will be done before you know it

Wisdom tooth extraction is an oral surgical procedure that takes up to 60 minutes to complete, but most people feel like it is done before they know it. Please plan ahead because you will not be able to return to work, or other activities for the day. As a general practice, we numb the area where the extraction takes place and typically offer patients the option to be sedated during the procedure for their comfort and relaxation.

Wisdom teeth removal Vancouver - Dentist showing impacted wisdom tooth on dental x-ray image. Wisdom teeth removal kitsilano

Dr. Sandeep Sidhu points to impacted wisdom tooth targeted for extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery Healing Time

The healing process after wisdom teeth removal surgery can vary from 7 – 10 days. Depending on the circumstances, brushing, eating, and other actions can be resumed later that day.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Vancouver – For more on what to expect with this procedure, Healthlink BC has a more in depth overview. If you require wisdom teeth removal and live in Kitsilano, Point Grey or UBC, please contact us to book an appointment today!